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Hira Cave Compass Pendant (غار حراء)

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  • 14" - 16" | 35cm - 40 cm 14" - 16" | 35cm - 40 cm
  • 16" - 18" | 40cm - 45 cm 16" - 18" | 40cm - 45 cm
  • 18" - 20" | 45cm - 50 cm 18" - 20" | 45cm - 50 cm
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 Inspired by the very essence of Islam's beginnings, the Hira Cave Pendant (غار حراء) celebrates revelation and wisdom. Carefully crafted and gold-plated, it represents a compass, a symbol of direction and guidance, with Hira Cave delicately engraved along its outer circle.

Each pendant serves as a reminder of the quest for truth and enlightenment, akin to the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) during his moments of contemplation in the solitude of Hira. It was here that the first revelation of the Quran was transmitted to him, marking the start of a new chapter for humanity.

Wear this pendant as a symbol of your own spiritual journey, a personal connection to the origins of Islamic faith. The compass symbolizes the direction we must all turn to, not only physically but also spiritually.

This pendant, with its sublime elegance, is also a meaningful gift choice for any occasion, a treasure of great sentimental and spiritual value. It is exclusively available in gold, reflecting the purity and preciousness of the messages it represents.

Our mission

Because each first name is unique, the story of our jewelry is also unique. We are committed to creating each of your custom pieces in our workshops with exceptional products.

Our mission is to offer you personalized jewelry accessible to all so that each of our customers is satisfied and each gift is magical.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can I wear my My Little Necklace pendant or necklace in the shower without causing any damage?

Absolutely! Feel free to wear your necklace or pendant in the shower. Our pieces are crafted with water-resistant materials and feature PVD-type plating to ensure durability, even with regular exposure to moisture.

Can I personalize my jewelry with special characters or in languages like Arabic or Russian?

Yes, you can! We're thrilled to offer personalization in your preferred language, including special characters (e.g., @, $, &, *, ♡, etc.). At My Little Necklace, we celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each individual. Please provide your personalization in the exact language and characters you desire, as we do not perform translations.

Can I include a space in the name on my necklace?

Spaces are allowed in names on our engraved or printed necklaces but are not possible on our die-cut designs due to manufacturing constraints.

Can I use accents in the first name on my necklace?

Absolutely! We encourage you to add any accents to make your necklace uniquely yours. Please ensure you enter them accurately when placing your order.

Do you have any necklaces in stock ready to ship?

No, at My Little Necklace, we create each piece uniquely for each customer. We start crafting your necklace only after your order is placed, ensuring a completely personalized and one-of-a-kind piece just for you.

Can I adjust the length of my necklace?

Absolutely! We understand that everyone has their own style preferences. All our necklaces include a 2" extender, so you can adjust the length to suit your look perfectly.

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